Jammed-upon 2013

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What I remember/music thoths




wkcr constantly on in the apartment, or switched on immediately when driving back into nyc city limits, or even occasionally on at work... highlights:

records / singles

the caretaker "an empty bliss beyond the world"
paysage d'hiver "nacht"
paysage d'hiver "einsamkeit"
harold budd "the white arcades"
vox populi "half dead ganja music"

vvaqrt "than on eother and you have 0 answers?" lp

lazy magnet discography boxsets
lazy magnet "minotaur"
lazy magnet "pure psychic zero"

legowelt memphis mix part 2

raspberry bulbs live on wfmu, via mike t; esp. "tissue in the bloodstream" & "taken apart"

infinite early 80s ron hardy and farley funk mixes at gridface

tsarlag "gagged in boonesville" LP

monopoly child live on social harmony
interviewed @ bomb

daft punk live @ rex club 1997
bangalter in wisconsin 1996

poirier "corruption proof" mix
larry levan "legends of the dance floor"
various blowing up the workshop mixes

infinite jamaican music 45s on youtube (not bothering listing; build your own black hole there)
zz top "manic mechanic" (via adam)
esplendor geometrico tracks (via mikey)
xamiga "wolfpack"
lb dub corp "roller"
dj joker "boy is mine"
blawan "getting me down" (via jules)
telex "my time" (commonly imagine this is lazy mag)
wolf eyes "chattering lead"
space "magic fly"
george harrison "my sweet lord"
bee gees "jive talking (live chicago)"
detroit in effect "r u married?" (via om source)
dj screw "june 27" (via jeff)
elton "benny and the jets (vocal)"
trash company "I don't mind" (via robert)
dome "cruel when complete" (via robert)
jeanne vomit-terror & ed sunspot "seat of same" (this just is robert)
richard simms "under your spell"
musical youth "pass the dutchie" ("is it pronounced doochie or dutchy")
george kranz "trommeltanz (din daa daa)" (farley extended version repeatedly)
gaznevada "ic love affair" (via jeff)
krayzie bone "murda mo"
mac demarco "rock n roll nightclub" (driving around LA in mikey's car)

THANKS to everyone who recommended or pointed me in the direction of new music this year both represented on the bowl (@ed_sunspot, @meagersunlight, @wild_egg, @sarcofaggus, @saranrapjs, @z3j3z, @baropalma) and not (Mike Stoltz, Mike Taylor).

And of course huge thanks to THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER!!!!!!!