What don’t I recommend? / Where don’t I live? / What haven’t I already addressed?

Saturday night =

1) the number of times I have watched the Seventh Seal while doing work over the last eight years
2) Geno + Alice tearing each other apart all over the house forever
3) Kynar House of the Future built from the ground up
4) instances throughout history where a person cooks one giant pancake while NPR sputters and chirps away in another room (not bothered about doing a good job of making four decent and shapely pancakes, but by oneself and hungry)
5) litterboxes I have known and feared
6) cats I have been allergic to
7) neighbors I have heard through walls
8) neighbors I have seen through windows
9) cars that slowed down on Susquehanna Ave in front of my house and scared me nightly 11pm circa 1991
10) last night my brother texted me at 2:38am the following:

Ever get drunk and feel awful like u have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you cant articulate the love u have for those who are closest to you

11) fingers scored from strings
12) work all day on the couch and move upstairs to work all night on the other couch

finished inking markers poster five days after the fact, fake tour last weekend ruled, playing on Monday at big pink, working non-stop + working non-stop, haven’t been home in a week, listened to two of the Tower Recordings records today and totally felt it, lots of cleaning to do tomorrow

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